TV Terrestrial Programmable Amplifiers from LEM ELECTTRONICA

At LEM ELECTTRONICA we sell a wide selection of TV Terrestrial Programmable Amplifiers, with models featuring a range of input and filter numbers. These products are perfect for those needing to amplify the signal on multiple terrestrial TV units. Here at LEM ELECTTRONICA we have been perfecting our products and technologies over the past 40 years. We make all products, including our TV Terrestrial Programmable Amplifiers, in-house at our factory in Italy, where they are all tested for quality too.

Multi input Amplifiers with 6-10 Programmable Filters

All of the Terrestrial Programmable Amplifiers in our range are multi input, with either 4 or 5 input channels.  Customers can also choose between models which have either  6, 7 or 10 UHF programmable equalizing filters or the ATV450SAW model which boasts 6 UHF and 4 VHF filters.  With gains of up to 50 dB  and autolevelling on all models, our Terrestrial Programmable Amplfiers can get the job done.

Programme using a Smartphone or free software

We know how important it is that your older technologies can co-exist with older ones, that’s why we have designed our TV Terrestrial Programable Amplifiers to be fully programmable using Android Smartphone and Tablet Devices.  We also provide free software, which can be downloaded from our website, in order for users to programme the amplifiers from a desktop or laptop. All amplifiers come with full instruction manuals, which can also be found on our website.

LEM ELECTTRONICA: Leading the market in TV electricals

Managing every step of production from Research and Development, to production, quality testing and then directly dealing with our customers, we are passionate about manufacturing high quality electronic solutions for TV and Audio.